Robert Prosser


Robert Prosser was born in 1983 in Alpbach in Tyrol, and studied comparative literature and cultural and social anthropology. A writer and a performance artist, his work includes the novels LOST IN AVALANCHES (Jung und Jung, 2023) and GEMMA HABIBI (Ullstein fünf, 2019). Important for his artistic approach are research and stage-adaptations of his own literary texts in form of recitation or performance. Recipient of various Awards and Scholarships, e.g. Major Literary Scholarship of Tyrol 2023/2024, Writer-in-Residence One World Foundation in Sri Lanka 2021, Reinhard-Priessnitz-Award 2014. His novel PHANTOMS (Ullstein fünf, 2017) was nominated for the German Bookprize.


Verschwinden in Lawinen / Lost in Avalanches
Novel. Jung und Jung, 2023

Beirut im Sommer / Summer in Beirut. Journal
Essay. Klever, 2020

Gemma Habibi
Novel. Ullstein, 2019

Phantome / Phantoms 
Novel. Ullstein, 2017

Geister und Tattoos / Ghosts and Tattoos
Novel. Klever, 2013

Prose. Klever, 2011

Prose. Klever, 2009


DRUMBADOUR EP with Lan Sticker (Drums)
!Rufzeichen Records, Vienna 2021

Theater / Performance / Opera

Lorit (Libretto)
UA: Teatro SanbàPolis, Trento, 2024

Premiere: Ateliertheater Vienna, 2022

Konter / Counter
Premiere: European Forum Alpbach, 2019

Maximilian (Libretto)
Tiroler Festspiele Erl, 2019

Phantome / Phantoms
Premiere: BRUX Innsbruck, 2017

Dein Herz sei Stein / Your Heart be Stone 
w/ Fabian Faltin. Premiere: BRUX Innsbruck, 2017

Die riesige Sonne, ein entfesseltes Pferd / The great Sun, an unleashed Horse
Premiere: European Forum Alpbach, 2016

w/ Fabian Faltin. Premiere: hoerGEREDE / Elevate Festival Graz, 2013

Love Jihad
Premiere: Freies Theater Innsbruck, 2013

As an Editor

Ein Anfang von Vielem: Nach Jugoslawien.
Dossier, in: Literatur und Kritik 557/558, 2021

Wo war‘n wir? Ach ja: Junge Österreichische Lyrik
With Christoph Szalay
Limbus, 2019

Lyrik von Jetzt 3: Babelsprech
With Max Czollek und Michael Fehr
Wallstein, 2015

As a Curator

Literaturfest Salzburg - Creative Director, 2020 - 2021

Kombo Kosmopolit - Reading Series in cooperation with Kultur Kontakt Austria and Literaturhaus Wien, 2016 - 2019

Babelsprech - Young germanspeaking Poetry, 2013 - 2018


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