Robert Prosser


Robert Prosser lives and works in Alpbach / Tyrol and in Vienna. He studied Comparative Literature and Anthropology, travelled widly from Asia to Africa. A Performer as well as a Writer, previously active in Rap and Graffiti, now also a Moderator and Curator (p.e. for Babelsprech – Plattform for contemporary poetry). Important for his artistic work are research and stage-adaptations in form of recitation or performance. Publications include the novel GEMMA HABIBI (Ullstein fünf, 2019) and the reportage SUMMER IN BEIRUT (Klever, 2020). Recipient of various Awards and Scholarships, e.g. Writer-in-Residence One World Foundation in Sri Lanka 2021, Residency Literarisches Colloquium Berlin 2014, Reinhard-Priessnitz-Award 2014. His novel PHANTOMS (Ullstein fünf, 2017) was nominated for the German Bookprize.


Beirut im Sommer / Summer in Beirut. Journal
Essay. Klever, 2020

Gemma Habibi
Novel. Ullstein, 2019

Phantome / Phantoms 
Novel. Ullstein, 2017

Geister und Tattoos / Ghosts and Tattoos
Novel. Klever, 2013

Prose. Klever, 2011

Prose. Klever, 2009


DRUMBADOUR EP with Lan Sticker (Drums)
!Rufzeichen Records, Vienna 2021

Theater / Performance / Libretto

Konter / Counter
Premiere: European Forum Alpbach, 2019

Maximilian (Libretto)
Tiroler Festspiele Erl, 2019

Phantome / Phantoms
Premiere: BRUX Innsbruck, 2017

Dein Herz sei Stein / Your Heart be Stone 
w/ Fabian Faltin. Premiere: BRUX Innsbruck, 2017

Die riesige Sonne, ein entfesseltes Pferd / The great Sun, an unleashed Horse
Premiere: European Forum Alpbach, 2016

w/ Fabian Faltin. Premiere: hoerGEREDE / Elevate Festival Graz, 2013

Love Jihad
Premiere: Freies Theater Innsbruck, 2013

As an Editor

Ein Anfang von Vielem: Nach Jugoslawien.
Dossier, in: Literatur und Kritik 557/558, 2021

Wo war‘n wir? Ach ja: Junge Österreichische Lyrik
With Christoph Szalay
Limbus, Innsbruck 2019

Lyrik von Jetzt 3: Babelsprech
With Max Czollek und Michael Fehr
Wallstein Verlag, Göttingen 2015

As a Curator

Literaturfest Salzburg - Creative Director, 2020 - 2021

Kombo Kosmopolit - Reading Series in cooperation with Kultur Kontakt Austria and Literaturhaus Wien, 2016 - 2019

Babelsprech - Young germanspeaking Poetry, 2013 - 2018


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