Die riesige Sonne, ein entfesseltes Pferd / The great Sun, an unleashed Horse (De/Eng)
European Forum Alpbach, August 2016
Navigating the Unknown – Fear and Pleasure of Dizziness – Festival @ Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Tel Aviv, März 2016

(c) Maria Noisternig

Aufklärung bedeutet Toleranz in Begegnung mit dem scheinbar Fremden und Anderen. Wie sehr aber in Feindbildern gedacht wird, zeigt sich im gegenwärtigen Umgang mit dem Islam. Diese Performance spielt mit derartiger Propaganda, führt in Sufi-Ekstase und in den Adrenalin-Kick illegalen Graffitis. Als rasanter Kanon verbindet diese multimediale Komposition Dosenklappern und Totengebet mit Literatur, Stimme und Musik.


Enlightment stands for tolerance in encountering the alien and unknown. Nevertheless, the idea of the Islam as an enemy has taken over the common mind. The performance gambles with such concepts, leads to Sufi-ecstasy and the adrenaline-rush of illegal graffiti. As a vivid, accelerating canon this multimedia composition combines spraycan-sounds and muslim deathprayers with literature, voice and music. Aiming for dizziness and dealing with ecstasy in various shapes: as a phenomenon of demonstrating masses, an anonymous and powerful way of losing control. And also as a honest form of individuality, an origin of art. Language and the act of speaking become in this performance body and mind, music and instrument, rhythm and storytelling.