Robert Prosser


Premiere: European Forum Alpbach 2019



COUNTER leads along the rhythms of voice, percussion and combat into the very heart of boxing: not the clichéd myth, but the confrontation of two opponents – the standout experience that becomes possible in the ring. A Story of Flight and Self-Empowerment uses Boxing as a Metaphor for the fight against an overpowering Enemy. COUNTER tries to sketch an an egalitarian space, to deal from a left perspective with physics and violence. Rhythmisized through breathing and punching, rapped and choreographed as a dance: The Audience gets a new look on the reasons that bring someone into the ring.

Robert Prosser (Text, Voice, Concept)
Fabian Faltin (Drums)
Melanie Horn (Boxer)
Manuel Schwarzl (Boxer) 
Anat Stainberg (Dramaturgy)